Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Moving my blog

I'm moving to I like that I can choose who can see what posts over there, plus I like the Drivel program that just sits on my desktop and lets me update my blog from there. I like the look of this blog better, but oh well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

We are now 11 days pullup free

And can I just say how much nicer our household is now? It's awful to say, but Piper's pooping created so much stress in our house. Nathan had commented that 80% of the strife in the house was directly as a result of her not pooping. Now that she is pooping, and best yet, pooping on the potty, our house is SO much calmer. Max is still calmer since he came home from the vet, and between those two the house is so relaxing.

For the record, we weren't stressing about her pooping on the potty. It was great if she did, but we were stressing about her pooping at all. She'd hold her tush and whine and moan for three days before pooping in her pullup, and then when she pooped it'd be so big and painful. I would have been happy to have her pooping in pullups for another year as long as she used them every day and didn't have the pain and dramatics surrounding it. She would say for three days that she was going to poop, and then hold it in and fight it and fight it. And of course she'd look to us for help, and the only way we can help her is to either medicate her or somehow else force the poop out, because pooping was the only way she'd feel better. She just wouldn't. Now she feels SO much better. When she needs to go, she goes. Simple as that. She's so excited by it too. She is still getting something from her poop bag (that started by getting a little something to make her day better after poops that just HAD to be so painful, then evolved into something if she got it on the potty since she was expressing an interest, but it still seemed painful for her to poop on the potty and stretch her muscles like that) but after it's empty that's it. And I don't give her something unless she asks for it, which she does only once a day or so now (and she's pooping a little bit about five or six times a day). While we were camping she of course didn't get anything, and she pooped all the time there. This is so nice. We're all so much happier.

Mmmmmm, for what it's worth, here's my review of the luna panties

I LOVE THEM!!!! Oh wow, I want more! I have two thongs and one bikini and I'd like to buy one or two more, maybe one more thong and one more bikini. They were so comfortable, between them and the diva cup I could barely tell I had my period! Twice a day I'd go and empty the cup, and with the pad built into the panties I didn't need to worry about changing my pad. The only down side was that at one point (TMI coming up!) I was spotting onto the pad in the thong and it dripped right down the side of the pad and onto my pants. The first time I've bled through like that since middle school. Luckily I was at home, and it was evening, so no one noticed but me. I suspect that'll not happen once the panties are washed and the absorbancy is better. The only other thing I could see about these is that I'm a light spotter, I only need a pantyliner if I do it right (ie, use my diva cup and get it in right). These wouldn't hold me for a full blown period in the pad. But they sell panties that have removable liners so you can change out a liner as it gets too dirty and full and just put in another one. That might be a bit thick, but I have one of those types of pads (though I rarely use the liner, just the pad bottom) and it's comfy, but bulky and hard to forget. I don't know how that'd be in a panty. Probably more comfortable than not in one, but I'm not certain at all.

I got my period the night of the fifth (a 22 day cycle, but at least I got to try out my new panties earlier) and we left to go camping on the eighth. No problem at all wearing my panties and the diva cup. SO much easier than having to worry about tampons and disposable pads (especially with the carry in-carry out rule in the park). And they're so comfy. Fleece right against your most sensitive parts. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nice, soft, warm fleece. Yummy yummy.

I think every woman should use lunapanties. They just go in the wash, so it's not like they're gross or need special treatment at all. And since you just take them off like panties you don't have to think about it as you do the laundry. It's just another pair of black panties until you feel the thickness. I think even the most devoted disposable user would convert if she wore them for an entire period instead of her usual paper pads. They're just that comfortable.

Speaking of camping, here are some photos from our trip (click for larger images).
A mother and baby deer in a horse pasture helping themselves to the salt lick.
A trailpost on the Appalacian Trail (AT). I'd never been on any part of it before.
A sign on the AT. Self explanitory.
The white blaze marked the AT so that hikers know which way to go and so they can make sure they don't get off track.
The AT is sometimes called "The Green Tunnel" where the canopy is thick and covers the trail. We walked through this, so I took a picture.
My absolute favorite new picture of Piper.
Some of the beautiful scenery.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

An update to Max

He's healing fine, back to his normal self other than a couple of bald spots. But I'm glad we had the skin tag analyzed. It wasn't a skin tag. Luckily it's completely benign, nothing at all to care about, but it was a cyst, not a skin tag. So now I feel justified, again. Two biopsies in two weeks in this house and they both were surprises. Minor, to be sure, thank goodness, but still surprises.

The vet says now that it's gone it's gone, we don't need to worry about it anymore. He'll have a small bald patch and that's it from all of this hooha.

Actually, do I dare utter this aloud? The house is a bit calmer since he's gone. I think he's scared I'll take him back, so he's on much better behavior. Probably just jinxed myself, but that's ok.

This isn't fair

There are so many women out there, trying to have babies who have 50 or 100 day cycles. Then there's me, I DON'T want another baby and I had a 22 day cycle this month. I'm normally quite regular, so this means that my period is four days early. At least it worked to my formula. I ovulated on CD11, so that means a 22 day cycle. Sigh. I so prefer ovulating on CD13, that means a 26 day cycle.

Why can't I trade with a lady who wants to have short cycles to try for a baby? I'd LOVE a 100 day cycle! Three periods a year, no worries for a baby.

"Rule 46: Life isn't always fair." (From Robin Lefler, ST:TNG's _The Game_)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Mrs. Nathan Thomas

This drives me INSANE!!! Mrs. Nathan Thomas. Not Mrs. Thomas or Mrs. Wendy Thomas, or even my personal favorite Ms. Wendy T Thomas. No, Mrs. Nathan Thomas. Like I'm some footnote to my husband. "Oh yes, by the way, Nathan is married. His wife's name? Mrs. Nathan Thomas, of course!" It's completely anonymous. I could be anyone. It's like being Piper's mom. I don't mind being Piper's mom, but I'm not JUST Piper's mom.

What brought this up, you may wonder? My birthday is coming up and so I've gotten cards from three aunts, my grandmother, and my mom. My mom, grandmother, and one of the aunts all put Mrs. Nathan Thomas. Another didn't even go that far and just put Mrs. N Thomas. HELLO!!! I'm not Mrs. Nathan Thomas! You will NEVER find that on anything official that has my name on it. I'm Wendy Tischler Thomas, and by happenstance, I'm married. You may use Ms. or Mrs., either is fine by me. But put ME down, not just Nathan's wife. I know this is a traditional way to do it, but honestly, it pisses me off so much I don't want to open the cards (and if I knew none of them had money in them I wouldn't, but three of them did and it's rude not to cash checks and acknowledge the gift with a thank you card). Now, to tell them or not? If I told my mom it would disseminate to the rest of the family (Nathan says there's no communication network faster than my family), but then how would they feel? And is it that important? I guess my self-esteem is to me, but I know they all feel like they're doing me a great honor, making the event of my birth as formal as possible. Sigh.

Speaking of Nathan, though, I have a funny story to share. The other night I was up until 1:30 a.m. watching TV. When I went to go to bed I noticed there was some cleaning to do downstairs, so I spent about 15 minutes on it. When I came up I was bringing up several pairs of shoes, and when I do that I tend to wear Nathan's (easiest to put on and off, heaviest and biggest to carry, mine may have four inch heels...). So I came into the bedroom and put the shoes in the closet, the napkins in the hamper, and then took a load of laundry over to the laundry room to start it. Nathan says that I woke him doing all of that, but in his half awake state he was thinking a peg legged pirate had gotten in the house. He kept hearing, "Clop! Draggg! Clop! Draggg!" He wondered why we didn't keep a baseball bat by the bed (because Piper would get it and smash everything in sight) and then wondered if he could hit the pirate with the bedside lamp. He was especially concerned when the pirate came over to his side of the bed for a moment and then left (I plugged in his laptop for him, which was on the floor). Good thing for me I guess that we DON'T keep a baseball bat by the bed! Or a gun safe (Nathan's brother has one that you have to input a specific code very fast to open, but his brother has practiced so much he can do it in his sleep). I pointed that out to Nathan, why guns in the house are generally a Bad Idea.

Let's see, another Nathan story. The other day I did my before bed cleaning and put a pool noodle and a bag of trash right in front of the door to the garage. Nathan would have to move them to get out. I put a note on the chalkboard right next to the garage door saying, "Please take the bag of trash and the noodle out to the car hole." (A Simpsons reference) I put a big arrow from the note pointing down to the trash and noodle. So the next morning Nathan gets up, plays with Piper, tells me he's leaving, and the next thing I hear is a bag being shoved over and the door opening. I couldn't believe it, he was leaving it there! I was kind of pissed off all day that he wouldn't even help out that much (he has to walk by the pool supplies and the trash can to get to his car), but then I mentioned it in the evening. He never even saw the note and didn't know what the bag and the noodle were doing in his way. So he moved them. Granted, the bag wasn't a trash bag, it was a store bag that I had stuffed trash into, but still, between having to move something and every square millimeter of our chalkboard being taken up by the note and arrow, you think he'd have figured out something. Nope!! Hello, Mr. Oblivious! (I guess does that make me Mrs. Oblivious?)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

That was a little easier than sending Piper back for surgery

But I didn't want to leave Max there. Poor guy. He did ok on the drive there because I unzipped his carrier enough to stick my hand in and pet him, and that helped him a LOT. But he looked so scared when we got there, and then when I handed him off to the vet tech he looked like he wanted to cry. Poor guy. They'll call when they're done, and I should be able to go get him early this afternoon.

The other cats, OTOH, are so happy. It's so calm here without Max. Mean, huh? He's going to be cranky later, though. He hasn't eaten since 10 p.m. last night and he's going to be getting a general, so he won't be happy. No one was happy this morning. I found all four cats in the laundry room telling me that there was no food, and when I put the food down after I had crated Max there were noses diving into it. The vet will feed Max when he's done, but I can guarantee he probably won't eat. It'll be soft cat food of the fish variety, but still, he doesn't eat well out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh fun fun

Max has his dental appointment tomorrow morning. His dental appointment requires general anesthesia. When you go under general you can't eat after a certain time the night before. When you have four cats and you're not going to be watching them all night and it's not nice to lock one up, you get four hungry cats all night. I pulled their food up just over an hour ago and they're already miserable. It's going to be a LONG night, not to mention Max is going to have a pretty terrible day tomorrow, going under general, having the bloodwork done, getting his teeth cleaned, and having a skin tag removed (which will require stitches or glue). Poor Max! And poor everyone because they're all hungry tonight. Good thing they're all fat and 12 hours of forced dieting (not even that, I can put the food back down when I get Max in his crate, about 7:15, so just over 9 hours) won't do them any harm.

It's midnight

Piper's third birthday. I want to cry, of course. I don't know who's more excited, though, her or me. :-) But this is also an important day. I was so scared that Piper was going to wean a couple of months ago. She hasn't (unless she wakes up and refuses to nurse). I made it to my final goal, three years. I doubt we'll be nursing at her next birthday. She's started even telling me that she doesn't want to nurse before sleep, though she always changes her mind and we make sure her teeth are brushed and she nurses off. Though ironically, on the eve of her birthday she didn't, she fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that I'm proud of us, of me.

It's midnight. Piper is three. We've made it three whole years. When she nurses next I'll be nursing a three year old.

Monday, July 25, 2005

No more stitches!!!!!

And an actual answer. I wasn't expecting the biopsy to turn up anything, but it did. Papillary edema or something like that? Papular edema? I don't know the medical lingo, but basically what it was was a reaction to a bug bite. Not quite an allergic reaction, it may never happen again, but for some reason I broke out in hives (which didn't look like the hives I remember for the most part). In the two weeks since the appointment this was the conclusion I came to as well. That something bit me (on my left ring finger, I saw the bites, there were five of them) and then I broke out after that, so it must have been a reaction to that. Hopefully that'll never happen again. It's been three weeks and I mostly have scabs now, but I have a few bumps that don't itch on my neck and one on my shoulder, and an itchy spot under a boob. That's mostly it, though. This normally happens in response to a flea bite, which is possible since I was sitting in my lawn, but we'll never know exactly what it was. Though thinking back on the bites they were probably flea bites. There were three right next to one another, which doesn't normally happen with mosquito or bee bites.

The doctor did a great job taking out my stitches. She said I'm a great healer and my skin was already swallowing the stitches in. Glad to hear it. So I SHOULD have gone in last week when my body was screaming GET THEM OUT GET THEM OUT! Because I healed so fast I may have a permanent scar from it (the "railroad tracks" some stitches leave) but no big deal. It's on the underside of my arm. It doesn't need to be perfect.

Other than that I was told to come in once a year for a skin check since I have very sensitive skin. The doctor was surprised when I told her I don't have eczema. LOL I guess she expected me to. Sorry! :-) So once a year now I get to see two different doctors. Not too bad, but not great. Not to mention once every three years going to the woman doctor.

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